bookish websites

So a little while ago, I thought it might be fun to create some website designs related to the books I read. Not websites to promote or review the books - but creating a website that could and would conceivably exist in the world of that book.

For example, in The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater, every November there is a deadly race called - you guessed it - The Scorpio Races! It's a huge event that brings people from all over the world to the shores of this tiny, remote (fictional) island called Thisby.  You just know that it's the sort of thing that would have a website if it were real - probably a really crappy one that hadn't been updated since 2002 - but still.

Here's my first imagining of what their website should look like:


This is going to be a pretty fun little pet project :) and it lets me live in my books just a little bit more and experience them in a whole new way!

Laura Berry